The Artificial Sunlight Research Module offers the opportunity to grow plants in a controlled environment with similar properties as in the field or greenhouse

Key Application Areas of the LED Artificial Sunlight Research Module

Plant breeding and phenotyping.
Conditioned environments, including climate cabinets and production units.
Multilayer plant production, especially young plants.
Varying growth environments, from small growth chambers to large walk-in rooms and greenhouses.
Vertical Farming.
Solar cell testing.
Material testing.

Plants respond strongly to the spectral composition of light

Source: Hogewoning SW, Douwstra P, Trouwborst G, van Ieperen W, Harbinson J. 2010. An artificial solar spectrum substantially alters plant development compared with usual climate room irradiance spectra. Journal of Experimental Botany 61, 1267-1276
HPS (661 gram dry weight), TL (440 gram dry weight) and AFS (1001 gram dry weight).
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